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Be safe and sleep well at night with our “Secure Data Transfer and Synchronisation Framework”.

Tech Development

Use our experience in programming apps, servers, databases, and technological systems.


Communication is key in your business. Use our messaging app to secure it over a distance.

Project Management

Get help with projects based on our security framework or communication platform.

Security. Redefined.

Meet our “Secure Data Transport and Synchronisation Framework”.

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What Can Our Security Framework Be Used For?

Computers & Mobile

Connect computers and mobile devices for secure communication and secure synchronisation of data.

Medical Devices

You do not want hackable pacemakers. When it comes to medical devices, security is most important. This makes it a great fit for our security framework.

Vehicles & Household Devices

The “Internet of Things” is a great idea, but security today is awful. Use our framework for better security of anything you can connect via a network.

What Makes It So Secure?


Strong Encryption

We use military grade encryption schemes, no matter if you use our framework for payment solutions or just to say hi to your friend.


Resistant Against Attacks

Top encryption schemes do not help much, if there are possibilities to get around them. We worked hard to make our framework truly resistant against such attacks.


Various Communication Layers

Even if servers are needed to relay data between devices, the servers cannot decrypt the information sent between the devices. Unlike other schemes, our framework uses true end-to-end encryption.

Tech Development

Products and services you and your customers will love.

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Some Things We Have Worked With


App Development

We have experience both in mobile app development (iPhone, iPad, Android Devices, …) and app development for machines.


Servers and Databases

Our security system and framework of course needs servers and databases. We use the famous asynchronous Autobahn framework based on Python, and the largely popular MySQL database framework.


High Tech And Security Systems

Our crew has experience from secure payment solutions to system development for high tech machines.

Your System Based On Our Security Framework


Your idea. Our Advise.

What is your idea for a product or service? Which features do you need? What is your budget? How do you plan to make money with it?


Design Specification

Like any serious company, we work against specifications. If you do not have one, we can perform a prestudy using your input with the aim to develop a specification that will benefit you most.


Development And Maintainance

Depending both on the size of your project and your preferences, we can either help you in the development and maintainance phases of your project, or do the complete job for you.

Secure Business Communication

Use our secure messaging app to communicate as if you were in the same room.

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What Can You Do With Our Secure Messenger?


Strongly Encrypted Chat

Securely send text messages, images, and videos that only your designated business partner(s) can read.

Strongly Encrypted Group Chat

With our secure group chat, your team becomes much more effective. It has never been so easy to share information securely to entire remote groups.

What You Wish For

Do you need a specific feature, maybe even one no other messenger has? Let us know: We prioretise business requests for new development within our messaging app.

What makes This Messenger Most Secure?


Based On Our Security Platform

You probably guessed it: Our messenger is based on our secure data transport and synchronisation platform, which provides unprecedented security.


Strong Encryption And Defense Mechanisms

We have said it before, only the combination of military grade encryption and mechanisms that ensure one cannot get around the encryption provide true security.


Some Secret Ingredients

We are currently writing the patent applications, so we cannot tell you everything yet. But rest assured, the so far secret ingredients will be ground-breaking.

Project Management

If you want to use our security framework or communication platform, we can help you.

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Why You Will Like To Work With Us


We listen

We listen carefully to you and take your customers into account before we agree on an action plan with you.

We are Competent

One should be humble. Anyway, it is fair to say that our crew has international experience from secure payment solutions over project management to technological development.

We perfectionate

Our aim is the perfect product, service or business development for you. We succeed when you do.

More Things You Will Like


A Gift Of Understanding

We cannot overstate how important listening to you is for us, until we know exactly what you want.


Planning Security

We let you know both cost and time needed as soon as we got a complete specification for your project. We can also perform a prestudy to help you in formulating a specification.


Complete Transparency

Once we accept your project, you receive regular updates from us. If you want, on a daily basis.

Nothing Beats Meeting In Person.

Schedule a meeting now, free of charge.

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